We’ve released some new Long Way Round Tee’s

Hi guys, I’m constantly being asked for Tee Shirts – and so decided to get some designs going and see what I could come up with. So here goes. I’ve come up with a selection of what I think are pretty cool Tee’s – all connected with Long Way Round. I think they’re pretty awesome. I’ve had a load made and they’re for sale now on our Long Way shop. You can get to them easily here – click on ‘Shop’ then the ‘T-Shirts‘ button.
Hope you like them!! I’ve bounced the designs around for ages – and finally we’ve all agreed on these. I really like the neck line – its sort of has a frade look about it (sorry cant spell fraide!) and the whole lot is really retro – just my kinda thing!
My New Tee Shirt
Charley xx