Quad Lock – My go to accessory…

I’ve been using Quad Lock for years – yes, before everyone started using them! I used a lot of them too – as me and Billy (Biketruck) would have them on our bikes in Africa, Australia and the UK.  Quad Lock is very cool Australian based startup that revolutionised the smartphone mounting market in 2012 with the introduction of Quad Lock®, a smartphone mounting system. I have used Quad Lock for years both as an everyday mount for my iPhone as well as on all of my expeditions and adventures. The Quad Lock® range now includes mounts for Motorcycling, Cycling, Driving, Running, Photography and a range of Lifestyle options and it is the very best smartphone mount for an active lifestyle. They are super tough and I have properly put them to the test. For example each time I crashed my bike my body may have been a bit smashed up but my phone survived perfectly as did the mount! I highly recommend them 🙂

Find out how Quad Lock can fit into your routine – whether you’re riding, driving, running or just in the office!


Charley x