Extreme Frontiers – Canada TV show… yahee!

Guys, I’m just back from the TT Race in the IOM and then straight on a plane to Canada. I’m doing a new TV show called Extreme Frontiers with my old mate Russ Malkin from Long Way and Mungo from By any Means. You can follow us via my Facebook and my twitter – and we have other social networks that you can see too – so keep an eye out for us. Canada Tourism Association are helping us out – and my old friends at Touratech too! So we’re full on with another old freind – the BMW GS 1200. We’ll be doing some scary stuff – Kayaking with killer whales, Heli mountain biking, ice berg hunting and loads of other wacky stuff. I’ll keep updating you when I can, both here and on my social networking.
Big luv to all of you – Charley x