Real Africa – Maramba River Lodge Zambia…

Guys, I just got to tell you about this gem of a place in Zambia – The Maramba River Lodge. This will be our seventh year staying there being looked after by Brad and his family and staff. The place is just wonderful. It’s not another Disney type commercial place, it’s very real and earthy. Sitting actually on the banks of the Maramba river, you’ll see tons of wildlife. Elephants, Hippo and crocodile are there most of the time – it’s like being on a safari 24 x 7… honestly.  Each time we’ve been there we’ve had visitors – several young elephants decided to come into the camp and eat anything – or in fact – everything they could find. We had some great tales to tell regarding how we helped chase them out! Then, each night, if you’re lucky, you’ll hear the munching of grass from the mighty hippos – who stroll around at their night time leisure keeping the grass down – I mean who’s going to stop them! In Ireland we used to use goats – over here in Zambia it’s a bit different.

If you want to get a way from the busy side of Livingstone, then come over to the Maramba and tell them Charley Boorman sent you! You never know, he may even give you a discount (or charge you more!).  All the best to you Brad – looking forward to seeing you all very soon – in fact, August! Here is the link to the Maramba lodge

Charley x