Spring is here eh Charley?

Charley talks about Spring and getting the bikes out…

Hi Guys, Charley here with a quick hello and update on life the universe and bikes here in London in May. The weeks are flying passed and at last we’re seeing signs of better weather to come – which for many of us may even be the beginning of our bike season. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, some of you have an all year season, with your heated grips and winter underwear, you’ve been getting out there and doing your stuff through hail rain snow and the gritters. Well fair play to you! I very rarely drive through London and my BMW GS 1200 sits outside the front door ready for action and gets it, most days. I often get surprised looks as people recognise me – in the rain, when I’m parking up. No, there aint no better way to travel around London – a bike is the answer. It’s nice to think that the bike wins on so many fronts – convenience, fuel consumption, fun and even saving the planet!

I’m not long back from a break in Ireland staying with my dad – John Boorman. Our family home was in Wicklow, not too far from Dublin. I’ve got strong memories of riding my Yamaha DT100 around the hills often for hours at a time, only coming home for dinner and a check in. The bike is still there, and my two daughters both ride it when we’re there for holidays. I really like that, the whole thing going full circle. I love the idea that my girls are enjoying the same things that I did – all that time ago.

My wife Ollie has recently done the Simon Pavey Off Road School in Wales. We all went for the Easter weekend to make a little holiday out of it. Staying down in the beautiful Welsh valleys with my girls and being surrounded by bikes – what more can a man ask for! We even went out on an Easter egg hunt through the valleys – yes, on bikes! Ollie had a great time and improved her skills and her off road confidence – so maybe she’ll come with me on the next trip….? 🙂