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Extreme Frontiers - Charley BoormanGuys, well we’re all here in Canada and the trips got off to a great start.  From sad goodbyes in the UK to warm welcomes across this amazing country – we’re all charged up and hitting the action.  I’ve eaten icebergs (with Vodka), kissed Cods (only Cods Olly!) and ridden some

glorious trails off road.  Meeting lots of cool people and having fun.  Probably need a holiday at the end of it because we’re not getting much sleep – but hey its fantastic.  We’ve got a really cool Extreme Frontiers webpage now too – check it out at its got all the social media links to Big Earth, Extreme Frontiers, Russ Malkin and the whole nine yards!

I’m updating my twitter and facebook accounts as much as I can – and when time and wifi allows.  So you can follow me on twitter at:


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We’ll even be putting up just quick snippets from Iphones and stuff – so have a look at them and feedback.  As if thats not enough, we have our own site as well – with more links to social media there too! So please come along and get involved – tell me things to do and places to see on our way! Big lurv for now and big thanks to all the people who are making this trip fantastic!

Thanks Canada!

Charley x

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