Extreme Frontiers – On again Tues, Channel 5, 7pm

Hey, the show was so well received they are re running it from Tuesday 3rd on Channel Five at 7pm. ¬†For those who missed it, Extreme Frontiers was filmed last summer, we had an absolute blast in what must be one of the most incredible countries on the planet – Canada. The people, the places and the history – they have it all. I rode most of trip on my trusty BMW Adventure, but also done lots of wacky and sometimes scary activities – climbing with Barry Blanchard, of ‘Cliff Hanger’ fame, riding bulls (er some would say ‘cow’) in a rodeo and camping in true wilderness – a real Deliverance feel to that bit! On the first airing, we done some social networking with questions and answers – you can check these out at www.extremefrontiers.co.uk.

Hope you like it again – or like it for the first time!

Charley x