Dylan Wickrama – “When the road ends”

Guys, we all are drawn to adventure – doing it, reading about it or watching it. For the last ten years, maybe more, the growth of world travel and adventure holidays has been incredible. This part of the travel industry is still the most dynamic and continues to expand. It appears, we’re more interested in the idea of travel and culture these days than just sitting on the beach with a beer – this is a fantastic change and it fills me with positive energy.

But the adventure should be defined by you. You don’t need a big (or small) motorcycle, you don’t need to travel around the world or be the fastest from here to here, you don’t need to be rich or a celebrity or create a documentary – you just need to do your thing! A day out in the countryside, a ride to the coast or a one way cheap ticket to ‘anywhere’ – they’ll all give you that buzz, that spirit. I’m not having a go at myself here – and of course for me, the motorcycle is intrinsic to my life and my soul, I’m just trying to underline the point that it’s you who has the control to design your personal adventure.

Our dreams can often be played out through others and that’s fantastic as it shows us that barriers can be overcome, challenges can be met and people can do amazing things. Enter Dylan Wickrama! About a year ago, Billy Ward, who manages many of my projects told me about this guy. Dylan came from a poor background with limited opportunities and low horizons, but his story shows that struggle, determination and positive thinking can make dreams into reality. By chapter three I was already planning my next trip. This book is indeed inspirational, it offers hope and support to all of us, particularly when things aren’t going right or we come up against some of life’s problems. Nice work Dylan – and a great read.

So, read the book – get some planning into operation and have an adventure, join an adventure or if you can – ride an adventure!

Big luv and rubber side down

Charley x

ps. The book is on Amazon and it’s also here on my shop – hope you enjoy it – I’m sure you will: