Charley Boorman Live – Theater Tour UK

Well, my UK Theatre tour is well underway now! Thanks to all of you who’ve been coming along! We’ve had some good fun and met lots of really cool people. Please keep on coming – or I’ll look like a right numpty standing their on stage all alone!  I’m really looking forward to getting up to Scotland after all the southern dates – we’re doing Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness.

It’s basically a chat show – with Billy the producer asking questions and me trying to wriggle out of them. I’ve got some nice stories about living in Hollywood and then of course my change of direction after meeting Ewan.  We’ve got a big video screen to show some of my adventure antics and we’ll have a Q&A at the end of the gig. Also, we’ll have time for me to sign stuff at the end and say hello. All the dates are at – so see you there!