2021 Ride Africa, show your interest now!

Have your own Long Way Down with me and my good mate Billy Biketruck next Sept/Oct and have the ride of a lifetime from Cape Town to Victoria Falls via Namibia and Botswana – finishing at the awesome Victoria Falls hotel. Or onward through Zimbabwe, Botswana and into South Africa before exploring the Kingdom in the Mountains, Lesotho.  Ride down the infamous Sani Pass, and the beautiful Garden Route back to Cape Town – or do the whole lot – Cape Town to Cape Town. This is our regular double trip and it’s getting better and better! Mica, from the USA was one of about 20 who joined our Cape Town to Victoria Falls trip a while back and with nice helmet cam and digital camera, he’s crafted some pretty cool segments and also ran a trip blog.You can check out the video here http://youtu.be/p4GTmh91tRE and the blog account here http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=725446.

Riding Africa with Charley Boorman

Another couple of riders created youtube bits – here are a few:

John and Val – Photo Montage http://youtu.be/ITJvz8dKh1w

Peter and Mick – clips http://youtu.be/dlcbOdrOoBM and more http://youtu.be/aFBzP2n-Fqc

Hope you like them guys. Thanks for doing them – I think we’ll all remember those trips for a long long time! The last trip was an incredible feast of riding, socialising and discovering – a great bunch of people and a fantastic adventure yet again.

We enjoyed the life on the road and stayed in some awesome lodges – sometimes way out in the desert or on the banks of the Zambezi river and some right in the swamps – surrounded by crocodile, hippo and lion. Staying in some lovely lodges and some simple ones too – gives you a real taste of Africa.

The upward trip starts in Sept and will cover around 5,000 kilometres and 4 countries,  in about 18 days through Africa’s most amazing countryside. Across open plains, through dense bush-land, forest and barren desert – this is a truly amazing journey, the first leg ending in Victoria Falls – on the Zimbabwe side.

The second leg starts just a few days after and heads South through Zimbabwe, sneaking into Botswana through a tiny little bush border and then back into South Africa’s thriving city, Joburg.  This year we found ourselves in a herd of elephants as we crossed the border – we were glad to have Billy with us, who’s a qualified field guide! What an experience. Leaving Johannesburg we cross an easy border into Lesotho – known as the ‘Kingdom in the Mountains‘ before enjoying the famous Garden Route of South Africa back into Cape Town. The trip uses BMW bikes – a combination of 1200’s800’s. Knobbly tyres and Garmin Zumo GPS’s and we’re off.  We will also have room for partners or family who would rather be in one of the support vehicles – or you can just rent one of our 4×4’s and not even ride a bike at all. This means that sometimes family can get ahead of the riders and laze at the pool or explore till the riders get in.

If you want to come – but worry that it’s too hard – it’s certainly not an enduro – it’s sometimes challenging and borders can be frustrating, but well within the reach of most competent riders. We always recommend that riders should have completed an off road riding course in your home country, just to set you up and give you some confidence for the trip. In the UK of course we’d recommend my good mate Simon Pavey – but I’m sure you’ll have a local off road training centre in your home base. Remember, it’s an Adventure Ride – it’s not a race, not an enduro – it’s about culture, travel, sights, fun and riding, all wrapped into one – it’s about feeling the sense of Africa – the good bits and the challenging bits! Once you’ve been to Africa – you’ll come back!

Sadly Compass Expeditions, our touring partners have been forced to close down due to the international restrictions imposed by Covid19. This is a terrible blow for them as a top ten touring company and we wish them all well in the future. The good news is that Charley and Billy will continue on with their Australian and African tours. In the coming weeks we have our new booking site – so please bear with us and watch this space. If you’d like to express an interest please email billy@charleyboorman.com – we are optimistic and hope to see 2021 as a bumper year for international travel and adventures! But of course, we’re not naive and we are aware of the potential for a second wave of Covid restrictions – but we are formulating plans on how best to deal with this and will keep everyone in the loop.

So what are you waiting for – Africa in 2021, get your interest on the record now by emailing billy@charleyboorman.com and we’ll be updating you shortly with a new website showing the routes and letting you pay your booking deposit.

Charley xx