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2016 Ride South America with Charley!

Charley has this week announced an exciting collaboration with one of the worlds leading adventure touring operators, Compass Expeditions. Having worked together for the last four years offering tours across Australia, Charley and Compass will now offer amazing opportunities to have the adventure of your life in South America. Riding through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, you can ride alongside Charley as you discover the amazing character of South America. The people, the history, the culture – all from your motorcycle seat – the best way to see life.

The tour dates, routes and pricing will be announced shortly, but suffice to say they’ll be offering two special expeditions, open to all kinds of riders and as usual, Charley’s tours will differentiate themselves by his added touch and input to all aspects of the expedition – adding his wealth of experience as a biker and a world traveller, not to mention quality support and guides, including a qualified medic.

Charley said “All our tours stand out from the crowd by going that extra mile across all aspects of the expedition. For example, having a medic on all our tours gives everyone that peace of mind and lets you just get on with enjoying yourself and the location – they’re handy for sorting out hangovers too! We also do a little bit of off road training for those who perhaps need a refresher.”

To get the info and book a place – before they all go, check out the Compass Expeditions site here – The first South American tour will be late August 2016… with the next one following right after.

ps. We’re also doing Southern Africa in 2017 – Cape Town to Victoria falls and back via Botswana and Lesotho – taking enquiries for that, but early days. xx

Machu Picchu

Crocodiles and all that stuff? Love it!

I’m just on the border of Namibia and Botswana and in a few days time I’ll arrive with a big group of riders, into Zambia – the classic Victoria Falls. We’ve had a great adventure ride from Cape Town, north and look forward to spectacular finish at the falls. The first thing we do when we get there is to visit old Joe McGregor Brooks, the true African Crocodile Dundee, in Livingstone – just a bridge away from the falls in Zimbabwe. Joe, starred in our Long Way Down series and has been a major focus for our annual adventures tours in Africa. Joe, who’s now 87 years old, takes us and our group around his collection of killer crocs, crocs that have been captured due to their ‘bad behaviour’.

What’s Joe’s secret to his long and eventful life? Croc fat! He takes a spoonful of croc oil every day. “When a croc looses a leg, it heals up in days – so what’s good for a croc is good for me.” So Joe claims. Well fair game – I’m ordering mine today! If you want to have a real African experience you wouldn’t do better than to visit Joe’s place. Mention my name, book yourself into one of his incredible castle apartment and enjoy a game drive with him – who knows, you may get a discount if you say “Charley sent me!“. For more info about Joe’s place – known locally as Gwembe Safaris… check out all the details here on their website or email Ian, his son for more info at Joe also has his autobiography on sale – which is truly an amazing historic look at how life was back in the day as a young scot arriving in Africa, and living the life of a hunter – now turned conservationist.


Charley xx

Croc man...










Ian or Sue Brooks

P.O. Box 60576,

+(260) ø3 321 733 / +(260) ø3 321 648
+(260) ø213 321 733 / +(260) ø213 321 648  (if calling from a cell phone)

+(260) ø3 321 733



Charley’s getting to know Woema – Adventure…

Woema, pronounced ‘Vooma’ like in the ‘Va va Voom…’ kinda way, is a really cool adventure bike travel business based in Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city. With a background in adventure travel TV documentaries, they’re a good fit for Charley. This year Woema is supporting Charley’s adventure rides across southern Africa, supplying amazingly functional kit and some great expertise. From wider off road footpegs to great waterproof and dust proof bags, satchels and hydration backpacks – if you want some adventure gear, this is the place to go in South Africa.

As well as the normal bike accessories they also cover camping and general overlanding. Charley said “…its a great fit working with Woema this year. As soon as I learn how to pronounce the name, we’ll be on a winner!

Charley will be visiting the shop on the 12th September in Johannesburg for a morning coffee and a ‘hello‘. Everyone’s welcome, so if you’re around – pop in and grab a coffee, and you can join in a BIG TEAM PHOTO with Charley.  We’ll have all our international riders with us as we’re en route to Lesotho and the Sani Pass. It will be an exciting stop off for our guys and gals before heading south – come and wish them luck. The shop address is:

Woema, Glen Gables Shopping Centre, Lynwood Gen, Pretoria East, Gauteng, South Africa.

Woema Bike Shop







Here we have our glamourous assistant, Billy Biketruck showing off some of the Woema kit we’ll be using in South Africa this year. Tail packs, Hydration bags and mega cool luggage bags – waterproof and dustproof. We’ll report back on how the kit holds up to the rigours of the Namibian desert and the cold mountains of Lesotho – but we’re pretty confident – the kit is awesome!

You can check out Woema’s website and follow them on Twitter and of course Facebook – check them out, click on their logo’s below… And of course if you want to join Charley on his great big African Adventure – keep an eye on our website as we announce dates for 2016.

Real Africa – Maramba River Lodge Zambia…

Guys, I just got to tell you about this gem of a place in Zambia – The Maramba River Lodge. This will be our seventh year staying there being looked after by Brad and his family and staff. The place is just wonderful. It’s not another Disney type commercial place, it’s very real and earthy. Sitting actually on the banks of the Maramba river, you’ll see tons of wildlife. Elephants, Hippo and crocodile are there most of the time – it’s like being on a safari 24 x 7… honestly.  Each time we’ve been there we’ve had visitors – several young elephants decided to come into the camp and eat anything – or in fact – everything they could find. We had some great tales to tell regarding how we helped chase them out! Then, each night, if you’re lucky, you’ll hear the munching of grass from the mighty hippos – who stroll around at their night time leisure keeping the grass down – I mean who’s going to stop them! In Ireland we used to use goats – over here in Zambia it’s a bit different.

If you want to get a way from the busy side of Livingstone, then come over to the Maramba and tell them Charley Boorman sent you! You never know, he may even give you a discount (or charge you more!).  All the best to you Brad – looking forward to seeing you all very soon – in fact, August! Here is the link to the Maramba lodge

Charley x


Charley races at Dirt Quake 18th July

If you ain’t been to Dirt Quake before (created by the incredible Sideburn Magazine) well you haven’t really lived! It’s the epitome of what the bike community is all about.  Watch top racers – and nutcases – race around the dirt track on proper bikes and not so proper bikes! Last year there was a meat pie racing… Dont ask.  This year again you’ll see Guy Martin there, racing his cow fork’d Harley Davison – on the dirt track! Yes indeedy! Alongside Guy you’ll spot Charley Boorman racing his precious Kawasaki 650cc retro bike. So dont delay, cancel your weekend plans and get to the Adrian Flux Arena for this Saturday and have a fun fun fun day! See for more info…

Garmin shows Charley the way across Africa!

Guys, we’ve just wrapped up our adventure across Africa for 2019.  This year we used the Garmin Zumo 595, the 660 and the Garmin Virb camera. Historically, all our fleet were always fitted with the Garmin Zumo 660LM and it’s done us proud for many years and this year we’ve used a mix of the Garmin devices. One of the keys to our Africa tours, and a true differentiator is the fact that all the bikes have their own Garmin Zumo. This means each individual on the adventure can ride at his or her own pace. The Zumo’s are all programmed with our customised routes so we all end up at the same lunch stop or iconic photographic spot and at the end of the days ride, at the lodge for a well earned beer or glass of red.

We never like riding in large groups, so the big advantage of the Garmin allowing riders to form small groups, two’s and three’s, really takes the pressure off a big ride and avoids the stress of trying to keep up with a faster paced rider – or a slower rider. If the rider goes off route for a picture, then the Garmin will bring them back – it’s just the best way to manage these big African bike tours and quite simply, we wouldn’t do a ride like these without them.

This year we’re mixing the Zumo 660LM with the new 595LM. This is going to be especially cool this time because we’re also using the new Garmin Virb camera and you can control it from the GPS screen, both for turning the video on / off but also to take stills as you ride. The remote control aspect is a massive winner for us – you don’t want to be fumbling with the camera on your helmet as you’re riding along trying to both film and yet avoid elephants!

Our adventure starts in Cape Town, heading north to Namibia’s skeleton coast and then east to Botswana and Zimbabwe, finally heading south back to Joburg before exploring Lesotho. We’ll exit Lesotho south and finish our epic trip along the famous Garden Route of South Africa back to Cape Town – in all about 10,000ks.

For more information about the ride and the Garmin Zumo  – click on the image below or go to their UK Website. And of course if you want to join Charley on his great big African Adventure – keep an eye open here as we make the information available.


Dinner with Charley – Cape Town’s DoubleTree

DoubleTree by Hilton Cape Town, Upper Eastside Hotel will once again host Charley Boorman for this year’s Motorcycle Adventure that begins and ends in Cape Town, South Africa.  In 2013, riders started their amazing journey based at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. The hotel held a dinner launch before last year’s departure and will do so again this year. This year’s dinner launch will take place on 19 August 2015. Contact for tickets. Charley will be available for press and media interviews at the hotel prior to the event. Maybe make a night of it and get a room? Was a fantastic night out last year and this year will be even more fun and adventure tales…

Evening with Charley Boorman

Ron Haslam Trackday, July 13th – Donnington

This is pretty awesome for me… two of my mates are doing their first ever track day with Ron Haslam at the famous Ron Haslam Race School on the 13th July. I’ve done a fair few trackdays in my time and had some great experiences on various tracks around the world so I’m reasonably familiar with that environment – but I know Dan and Billy will be a little nervous! But by the end of the sessions they’ll be better, more confident riders and who knows, Billy may even be able to keep up with me in Africa… 🙂 Only joking Bills… We’ll all be there for the day, so if you fancy a trackday you could come along if you give them a call. There’s several sessions throughout the day (I think!) so come and say hello. They even do kids sessions and introductions to riding – with no license required. The details are here: so if you want to say hello and of course get instruction from one of the most famous racing families on earth… then give them a call.


Pick below is Biketruck having a go in the Experts class in West Australia with Jeremy McWilliams… – he had to lie down for a week after…

Expert Day... Biketruck Flies

IOM Steam Packet Company to the rescue…

Charley’s Live Show will be on at the Gaiety Theatre on the 9th June and the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company are giving him a hand in getting all his equipment over to the island in time for setup, not to mention a bike and a heap of books and DVD’s.  The Steam Packet Company is an historic shipping and passenger business that really is synonymous with the Isle of Man and of course the TT. Literally moving thousands of bikes, racers and spectators across for the TT Festival, the company will be flat out for the next few weeks doing what can only be described as a military operation.

Charley said “I’ve been on the Steam Packet ships a few times now and it really just adds to the whole excitement of being at the TT. A boat full of bikes – oh yeah!“.

The Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘Charley is well-known as a fan of the TT and the Isle of Man, and we know how popular he is among both visiting fans and local residents. His show is bound to be one of the highlights of the TT festival, and we’re delighted to be able to assist in helping it go ahead so hundreds of fans can enjoy Charley’s witty and fascinating performance.’

IOM Steam Packet Company - Booking

Charley does the GS Trophy event… 2015

Charley Boorman is of course very well connected with his BMW steed, the GS1200 Adventure – but how good is he when it comes to riding it off road? Well now’s your chance to see and even better than that, to join in with Charley by entering the GS Trophy UK Qualifier event on May 23rd / 24th 2015. The event is a fun event open to any BMW rider. You dont have to be an enduro rider and anyone can have a go. The event allows you to use your own bike for the road sections and then BMW will provide you with a bike for the off road sections if you progress through the challenges towards the final. Come along and ride with Charley – and see how good – or not – he really is! But more to the point, come and have some great fun with like minded people eating good food and nice beers. See here for all the relevant details, but you need to register soon as we expect it to be oversubscribed….