Garmin shows Charley the way across Africa!

Guys, as we prep for our 7th year of exploring the tracks around Africa, this year we’ll be using the new Garmin Zumo 590LM GPS, the 660 and the Garmin Virb camera. All our BMW bikes were always fitted with the Garmin Zumo 660LM and it’s done us proud for many years. One of the keys to our Africa tours, and a true differentiator is the fact that all the bikes have their own Garmin Zumo. This means each individual on the adventure can ride at his or her own pace. The Zumo’s are all programmed with our customised routes so we all end up at the same lunch stop or iconic photographic spot and at the end of the days ride, at the lodge for a well earned beer.

We never like riding in large groups, so the big advantage of the Garmin allowing riders to form small groups, two’s and three’s, really takes the pressure off a big ride and avoids the stress of trying to keep up with a faster paced rider. If the rider goes off route for a picture, then the Garmin will bring them back – it’s just the best way to manage these big African bike tours and quite simply, we wouldn’t do a ride like these without them.

This year we’re mixing the Zumo 660LM with the new 590LM. This is going to be especially cool this time because we’re also using the new Garmin Virb camera and you can control it from the GPS screen, both for turning the video on / off but also to take stills as you ride. The remote control aspect is a massive winner for us – you don’t want to be fumbling with the camera on your helmet as you’re riding along trying to both film and yet avoid elephants!

We’ll be doing a review of the 590 and the Virb at the end of our big African trip – which is roughly 10,000 k’s, starting in Cape Town, heading north to Namibia’s skeleton coast and then east to Botswana and Zimbabwe, finally heading south back to Joburg before exploring Lesotho. We’ll exit Lesotho south and finish our epic trip along the famous Garden Route of South Africa back to Cape Town.

For more information about the ride and the Garmin Zumo  - click on the image below or go to their UK Website  And of course if you want to join Charley on his great big African Adventure – keep an eye open here on his website as we make the information available.