Biketruck joins EcoTraining camp in Africa

We’ve been travelling through Africa for many years, leading groups of riders and 4×4 drivers into some fascinating territories. Across Morocco’s High Atlas and down to the Cape of Good Hope. There is truly magic in Africa. All of our trips include time to encounter some of Africa’s most amazing wildlife. From the tiny little Dik-dik antelope, only weighing in at about 3 kilos, to the mighty elephant – the largest walking animal on earth, we’ve had so many moments of pure joy being close to these creatures – it’s been such a privilege. This year we’re going a step further. We’ve decided to make our adventure trips much more clued up and more in tune with nature, you could say more ‘eco centred‘. Yes, I’ve learnt a fair bit about the African flora and fauna over the years – but I think we need more, more knowledge, more detail and increased understanding.

EcoTraining Africa

We’ve recently discovered an amazing educational centre in southern Africa called EcoTraining. Their whole ethos is driven by the desire to educate people about nature and the ecosystems that co-exist around the earth that give us the delicately balanced joy’s of wildlife, plants, people and the natural world.

We were so taken by this organisation, we decided to send our hero – Billy Biketruck – to Africa for a few months, to get trained up as an accredited Field Guide. Some of you who know Billy, know that he’s pretty well into that side of our African tours, so who better to send on this mission of discovery and adventure. We’re going to follow Billy throughout his training and keep updating everyone how things are going – right through to his accreditation exams at the end of the course – so no pressure hey, Billy Boy? You can follow Billy’s Twitter @biketruck and also pickup regular updates from here.

EcoTraining - Africa

Most of this year Billy will be in Australia, Africa and South America – so the 2 months he’s putting into getting his accreditation means he’ll be home in the UK with just enough time to maybe cut the grass – before he’s on a plane again back to Africa. We’re incredibly excited to have this opportunity with EcoTraining and from our perspective, to have Billy as a fully trained up Safari Field guide, will add a whole new dimension to our African adventure rides.  The excitement of spending some time in the bush, looking for tracks – maybe even tracking an animal – wow, this will be more than a motorcycle or 4×4 trip – this will make our trips so special – a trip of a lifetime.

Medicating a big crocodile

Of course, Billy is a bit of a character – so we’re not expecting this to all go smoothly – maybe the best way to collect crocodile eggs for research is NOT by pulling the tail of the 18ft Daddy croc – Billy has a lot to learn. I’m sure we’re in for a few laughs and some fantastic images along the way. If anyone would like to join Billy on his new adventure, it’s an open education centre and they take people from all over the world. Check out their courses and availability here on their website calendar – in our view they’re the leading specialists in this area with a reputation second to none. They are the eco oracle.

Charley Boorman xx

ps. Watch this space for more info and updates as it happens… should be a fun ride!

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